Trust Us for Professional Pet Grooming Services

Trust Us for Professional Pet Grooming Services

Find dog and cat grooming in Staten Island, NY

Does your cat need a summer shave? Visit Bloomingtail's Grooming by Josephine for top-notch cat grooming services. We’ll gently bathe and groom your furry feline. Count on us to be extra careful cleaning their ears and washing their face.

To make an appointment for cat grooming services in Staten Island, New York, call (718) 313-1890 today.

Sign up for routine dog grooming services

If your four-legged friend is extra fluffy, they probably need dog grooming on a semi-regular basis. Choose Bloomingtail's Grooming by Josephine to pamper your pup each time you stop in. We only use the finest shampoos available to condition your dog’s coat without harming their delicate skin. If your dog has a skin sensitivity or open sores from surgery, we’ll work with their prescriptions or specialty soaps.

When you stop in to schedule dog grooming services for the first time, we’ll fill out the dog’s information. Be sure your pup’s immunization records are accurate and updated.

A typical dog grooming session includes nail trimming and ear cleaning. We’ll give your pup a stylish haircut after we bathe them and blow out their fur. We’ll finish off their look with a handsome bandana or pretty bow.

Call (718) 313-1890 to schedule dog grooming in Staten Island, NY.

3 reasons to let a pro clip your dog’s nails

You need access to dog grooming service that includes gentle and effective nail trimming. Choose Bloomingtail's Grooming by Josephine to trim your puppy’s nails because:

  1. We’ll cut nails short without hurting the quick.
  2. We’ll soothe your dog throughout the entire process.
  3. We’ll help your dog adjust to nail clippings and avoid tension.

Routine nail clippings are easy and painless when you bring your dog to Bloomingtail's Grooming by Josephine.

If you have a cage-free preference while your dog is visiting, we won’t put them in one. Call (718) 313-1890 today to schedule dog or cat grooming in Staten Island, New York.